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Cooperative Benefits


Connecticut Home Staging is launching a unique opportunity for real estate investors. 


Many investors reserve home staging for specific properties that need an extra boost to sell because it is an added expense at the end of a project when money has likely run low.  However, the fact you reserve this expense for hard to sell properties proves you are aware that staging a house makes it easier to sell.  

  • Home staging is proven to decreases market time and increase the final sale price. 

  • Selling for your asking price is the goal and reaching your asking price means creating competition between buyers. 

  • Minimizing the holding time on your investment is essential to realizing maximum profits. 

  • Staging is the most effective way to achieve your goals.

If you flip more than five houses annually, please call us to discuss how you can save thousands of dollars in home staging costs and stage every one of your properties to maximize your return.  You can schedule your free consultation online, and please indicate you are interested in our membership opportunities.


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